Fike Fire Alarm Installation

FIRE ALARM: protect people and critical assets from dangers such as fire, explosion, over-pressurization and pressure activation.

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To ensure your facility is appropriately protected, choosing the right fire protection solution is critical. Providing industry-leading solutions for reliable safety and uncompromising protection of people and assets, Fike has a long history in the sector – having been established in 1945.

Fike & The Brown Brothers.

The Brown Brothers are using Fike products as the company experience covers decades of trends and solutions; offering advanced, fast and flexible technologies.

Why Chose Fike? 

  • Products and services are approved and listed by many agencies and authorities having jurisdiction.
  • Company has registered ISO 9001-2015 and AS9100 Rev C Management Systems.
  • Caters for all sectors from Hospitality over Manufacturing to Office Buildings.

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