Hikvision CCTV Installation

Hikvision installation offers surveillance technology that protects residential / commercial property at day & night, including ANPR, Perimeter Protection, Heat Mapping etc.

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Their reputation for innovation, quality and affordability is what makes Hikvision one of the world’s leading CCTV provider.  With 20 years experience in the sector, Hikvision offers the latest camera & lens technology at cost-effective prices. Any Hikvision installation can be simply integrated with other parts of your existing and/or newly designed surveillance (monitoring & management) system.

Whatever you wish to protect – from a small house to a large residence or major manufacturing site, Hikvision’s range of cameras & lenses include smart IP cameras and mobile cameras.  The modular approach taken by the company for its products means our Hikvision CCTV installation can easily combine any one of the cameras & sensors for a perfectly tailored solution for your premises. Thereby providing you with an easy to understand, manage and monitor surveillance system, which can grow – adding cameras as need arises over time.

Hikvision & The Brown Brothers.

The Brown Brothers offer Hikvision CCTV Installations because Hikvision’s products offer completely reliable & wireless security solutions.

We have an experienced & highly trained team of local Hikvision installers, operating in Greater Manchester as well as across Lancashire and Cheshire.

Why Hikvision Installation & Products?

  • Choice – Image quality & camera design incl. wide-angle or fish-eye lenses allows you to design a system to suit your needs & budget.
  • Lenses –  IP camera lenses are more expensive but they have a wider coverage, so you can chose how visible you want your system to be. 
  • Analytics – Software is built in, so you don’t have to spend additional money.
  • Resolution – Greater no. of megapixels for a clearer image when zooming.
  • Expandable – Allows you to start with what you can afford & add in time.
  • Installation – If trained, your new system can installed within a day.

Latest Hikvision Awards & Recognitions.

  • GIT Awards Safety and IT Security in Automation – DS-2TD2466T-25X
  • CCTV Product of the year 2019 – DS-2TD2617

Some of Our Local Hikvision Installer Work.

For more information, visit www.hikvision.com. We offer both – installation only and/or installation with Hikvision products to be supplied by us, services.

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