Videx Door Entry Installation

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Established for over 30 years, Videx Security is a leading manufacturer and supplier of access control systems across the UK, and particular experts in the door entry market. Focusing on making and providing high quality products and support, the company has grown from a small London based business to a national UK wide manufacturer serving the public and private sector. As technology develops, so too does the access control needs of businesses, whatever the size or type and therefore product innovation and a focus on continuous research and development are vital at Videx.

Videx & The Brown Brothers.

The Brown Brothers work with Videx to offer an affordable & cost efficient solution covering basis standards and where premium technology is not needed.

Wy Videx?

  • Trading successfully since 1995.
  • Police Preferred Specification products.
  • Security products ranging from IP, AHD and traditional analogue CCTV products and Access Control systems.

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