8MP IP Security Camera / CCTV Installations Package from £700

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Recently faced a theft or experienced a nearby neighbour’s suffering from a break-in or burglary in the area? With the current Covid situation we have come to value our surroundings even more than before & want to keep to what we know including our neigbourhood. Chose our 8MP IP Camera CCTV Installations Package / Security Camera System; letting you live your life and sleep peacefully at night.

The 8MP IP Camera allows to be connected to other monitoring systems.

What does the package include?

The 8MP IP Security Camera Package includes the below specified equipment, installation and remote viewing set up to keep your property safe and allowing you to view activity from your PC, Mac, tablet or mobile while out of the house.

  • 8MP IP Hikvision color vu/ dark fighter cameras
  • 3TB Hikvision NVR (recorder)
  • 24/7 colour (day/night)
  • Motion detection
  • Built in microphone
  • Connected to app for viewing

What does it cost to install it?

  • 1 camera system > £700
  • 2 camera system > £900
  • 3 camera system > £1,100
  • 4 camera system > £1,300

Visit our online shop to buy a CCTV Installation package or call our CCTV Installers on 07572 644908 or use our contact form if you need more information or have questions about the 8MP IP Camera Installation Package.

How can a CCTV system help?

A car was stolen from the neighbourhood, leaving a worried family who had settled in the area and enjoyed living there. Following a site visit, a camera system was installed, including 8MP Hikvision CCTV cameras. The pictures are from 6pm in February, which means near complete darkness, but it still looks like daytime. The cameras can deter intruders with carefully positioned cameras and warning signs, or help you to follow up on an incident. With an 8MP Hikvision camera you get true colours 24/7 – you even can pick up the reg plate from the car across the road.

Here are some more CCTV Camera Installation examples, and the difference it made.

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