CCTV Systems Installation from £399

CCTV Systems Installation, Maintenance & Service including annual checks by our local CCTV Installers for complete peace of mind that your chosen set up is working at its best.

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Home CCTV, Office CCTV or CCTV on Manufacturing sites, it matters where you place your CCTV cameras. Be it internal or external security cameras, it is important that you are able to place your CCTV Installations without any  limitations posed by the technology used. Drawing on standard to premium equipment as required, including wireless CCTV Installation Packages, our local CCTV Installers can tailor your CCTV installation to your budget and needs.

We recommend to support any CCTV Camera Installation / Surveillance System Installation with Motion Lights or Motion Sensors as well as carefully placed CCTV signage. This is to both make you feel comfortable but also to alert, and with that deter, any intruders with their very first steps onto the property.

We have a extensive local CCTV Engineer & Installer Network for Home CCTV Installations, Office CCTV Installations and/or Commercial CCTV installations, operating across Greater Manchester. We also offer a range of repair, service and maintenance packages.

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CCTV Installations Pricing Options

  • Standard set up – from £399.00

Also visit our online shop for our CCTV Installation Packages or call us on 07572 644908 if you need more information or have questions about our CCTV Camera Installation Packages.

CCTV System Installation Service & Warranties

  • Professional CCTV system installation
  • Night Vision CCTV, stays in colour 24/7
  • Full High Definition CCTV camera systems
  • Continuous recording, ability to set duration
  • HD Technology up to 30 meters even in dark
  • Wireless installations / Remote Access, with access via Phone, Tablet or PC as well as TV
  • CCTV Maintenance, CCTV Service & CCTV Repair Packages for our and other installations

CCTV Brands & Technologies

Recent Work by CCTV Installers

CCTV Installation Service, Repair & Maintenance

Forming crucial part in the protection of your home, lifestyle and business, CCTV cameras need to be serviced & maintained, and sometimes require repair. Talk to us about our various CCTV Services Packages- CCTV Repair & CCTV Maintenance, to ensure your CCTV System is looked after & works at all times.

  • Clear signage across property to abide with law & deter intrusion
  • Visible cameras, to keep your property safe while away or on holiday
  • Hidden cameras, to ensure dependant relatives are safe & can call for help

Our team of CCTV installers is highly trained with years of experience. Contact us today for a quote using the below or our contact form. For any Emergency or CCTV Maintenance, CCTV Service and/or CCTV Repair call 07572 644908.

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