SmokeCloak Installation from £1,350 

Smoke Cloak protects all types of environments from banks to houses & castles, with fog generators providing an effective barrier forcing intruders to leave the premises.

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SmokeCloak is an excellent addition to any intruder systems you might already have in place. It kicks in as soon as your alarm is activated; stopping intruders from having a clear free run around your property. They can’t steal what they can’t see!

We offer SmokeCloak installations in Manchester as well as Lancashire and Cheshire. Providing fog generators tailored for any size of room or kind of space, our smoke cloak installation guarantees perfect fog density for each application.

Intruder alarms will alert you to a break in but will not deter the criminal should they decide to take the gamble that a keyholder or the police are a 20 minute plus drive away. Smoak cloaks will visibly make it impossible for the intruder to move freely around the property making it almost impossible for the thief to sniff out high value items such as jewellery car keys and cash. Offering solution for any kind of space, the fog generators are divided into 3 series: the SmokeCloak Easy, the VALI range and the IPX 25. With a choice between 6 devices, SmokeCloak can provide you with a device meeting all your requirements in any kind of situation.

Smoke Cloak Pricing Options

  • Fitted, with an alarm system & panic buttons – from £2,450.00
  • Portable – from £1,350.00

SmokeCloak Service & Offer

  • Easy – The Easy fog generator is the perfect choice for securing small rooms. It is a compact, silent, efficient and budget-friendly device.
  • VALI 5 – Smaller rooms where you store e.g. precious documents etc. The device is equipped with a modern, eye-catching look.
  • VALI 10 – Extremely is very attractive for medium-sized shops. Several nozzles spray the fog in all possible directions.
  • VALI 20 – Protects large businesses and shops. The accompanying software & cloak sensor guarantee total control.

Our Latest Smoke Cloak Installation Work

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